Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pre-Day 6: I Heart Acupuncture

Today I went to Dr L for acupuncture. It was my first appointment for specific support of IVF. (I've been a few times before.) She is so cool - we went over my IVF schedule and booked a bunch of appointments to best support the cycle. Right now she's working on hormonal balance and stimulating blood-flow to the uterus to prepare it for action and ovaries to get abundant and healthy eggs.

During this BC period, I'm going once per week. Then, I'll go three times during my 9-day stim (including right before retrieval). Then, I'll go just before and just after replacement. Then we'll make a sched to continue on from there - probably 1 or 2 times per week.

Even though our insurance won't pay any part of IVF (which is bloody wrong, but I won't go there right now), I do get some reimbursement for acupuncture, so that's a tidbit of relief.

I believe acupuncture provides some real benefits. I can feel major things happening while I am in treatment and an enormous sense of well-being for hours (sometimes days) afterwards. And you have NEVER slept like you do the night of the day you get treatment. It is how sleep should be. (And I sleep pretty well as it is. This is just uber-delicious sleep.) Dr L has supported many women through pregnancies and IVF so I am excited to be working with her.

BTW, I am not a new-agey type person. I have a real skeptic streak and favor "can it be proven through good science" processes. I find very interesting studies like this.


N said...


I am going to start with my first IVF cycle next week and I also have booked in quite a few acupuncture sessions with my clinics acupuncturist. I am really looking forward to the acupuncture and hope that it will have the desired effect.

I hope it is OK that I link you on my blog so that I can keep up with you and your cycle?

Take care!


brooklyndeb said...

I've had 2 acupuncture sessions this week in NYC, and I'm doing the herbs, too. I'm taking a variety of 20 pills three times a day! I will go on BC in about 3 weeks, with my first IVF in November. I've done 3 IUIs with good follicle counts, good bloods, but no luck. My partner's sperm count was 118 million! So it's me and my 42-year-old abused body.

I believe the acupuncture will help--I already feel things--I also sleep like the dead and I am losing my 3 pm crash. I will check in here to see how you're doing.