Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pre-Day 10: The IF Posse

This post is just to state for the record how stoked and overwhelmed I am by the Superwomen who have come out of the blogosphere to support me on this first IVF cycle. I am so green and so new... this blog has only been up for 11 days, and y'all know how new I am to even the idea of IVF.

Every time someone writes "good luck" it's like ... like a circle of women is forming around me. Should this first cycle fail, I now know I will be strong enough to do another. Because I've read about so many of you doing it. Again. And again. And even during all this you STILL have hearts open enough to take another sister into the fold and be encouraging. That is the kind of person I want to be regardless of whether or not I become a mother.


On that note, I had no idea that if someone made me cry by sending me an insensitive and perfectly timed to twist the knife quadruplet baby video there was an actual, as Tigglebitties mentioned, "IF posse" who would kick some ass on my behalf. Or at least jump to my defense in the comments section.

Who knew. You guys rock.

Someone should tell people that it's best not to mess with the IF Posse - fertility hormones cause more rage (and acne, goddammit) than anabolic steroids!


Sunnie said...

This post actually made me cry at work.

We are some amazing women!

We got your back girl!

fisher queen said...

We need bumperstickers or T shirts or something. 'Don't mess with the Posse'.

Sunny Jenny said...

Howdy! Welcome to the wonderful world of IVF! I am on day 4 of my stims --fat ovaries! Good luck and best wishes to you!

soralis said...

I love the "IF Possee" comment!! Take care and wishing you all the luck in the world. IF sucks, but at least the people you meet along the way are great!

Just another Jenny said...

There are a whole bunch of us newbies out here, this is my first cycle too.
How true about the IF posse. I don't know what I'd do without them and all there support.

Flygirl said...

Can't wait to read up starting at Day 1. I'm looking forward to sitting down and catching up. I haven't gone through IVF personally (hoping it doesn't come to that) but I have a very close friend who has gone through it multiple times. I'll be thinking good thoughts on you UtRus.

(I'm going for my first accupuncture consulation tomorrow and I'm quite excited about it! Nervous too...)

Manuela said...

Hell ya... there's a few different posses floating around out there... my own group of infertile freaks are the 'Infertile Bitch Brigade'... or... some call it the 'Barren Bitch Brigade'.

UtRus said...

IF Posse, IBB, BBB - love you all. dang!