Monday, March 26, 2007

26w4d I Am Blimpy

Man, I'm getting big. It's getting hard to walk around too much now, belly is SO heavy. But the babies are moving around in there and I know they're growing, so definitely no complaints.

I had a checkup today and all is well. I was scared because I've been having some contractions and they totally freak me out. I am fearful of pre-term labor. I had had a bunch of contractions during the weekend but never more than the "alert" number at which I am supposed to call my OB. Was so happy today when I learned that my cervix is still long and closed (4.4cm... which is shorter than 2 weeks ago, but apparently this is to be expected) and my fetal fibronectin (fFN) test came back normal.

We also did a short ultrasound, just to check fluids (normal) and cervix. My next apt is in 11 days.

Preparations are coming along nicely and most big things are done, which is good because I will be less and less mobile and the couch will be my home in a big way. But tomorrow I am still able to go for a swim, so I shall!

Sorry my posts have not been too long or personal or detailed. I'm not sure why. But gotta go with the flow. :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

24w4d A Good Checkup

Went for the 24 week checkup today and all is well. The kidlets are measuring roundabout 1lb9oz. and 1lb14oz. One is currently head down, the other head up, in a yin-yang style :) The other good news is that my cervix is still over 5.5cm and completely closed. I hope it stays that way! Feeling good overall. I'm slow and don't like being on my feet, sitting is good, lying down feels even better. And swimming is THE BEST!

I drank the yucky orange stuff for the glucose test but did not feel weird at all, so it must not have been that much sugar. I ate a piece of cake the day before at a baby shower and that made me feel all shaky and weird. So, I think the test will come back normal, but that I'm just not motabolizing simple sugars too well during pregnancy, which is fine - shouldn't really be eating that stuff anyway. Though I COULD go for a big box of Milk Duds right about now.

Doc agreed that I can come in every 2 weeks now instead of every 4 which makes me feel much better. Also got a rec for physio/massage therapy to help with these burning hip flexors. Yowch!

Mentally have had the best week in recent memory. Nothing "special" to report - just a real balanced and good feeling. Normal. Very few incidents where I have been evaluating my state or have been anxious. Predictable pattern for me, really, as I continue up the curve to feeling truly normal. For me, it takes pretty much the same amount of time to really get better (on a slow curve) from a depression period as I spent in the depression period. Interesting. Mind you, my therapist has never diagnosed me with "depression" , rather it's "adjustment disorder". Call it what you will, it's nice to be feeling better!

Hope you are all well - please do tell!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

23w2d Happily: Nothing to Report

Sorry for long time no post. To be honest it's mainly because Blogger is bugging the F out of me. Ever since switching over to the new "Google Login" things are messed up. So, I finally had the inclination today to deal with it.

Everything going well with the pregnancy thus far. I am looking forward to my next OB visit which is 8 days from now. I don't much like these "one month between visits"... It's so hard for a former IVF patient who was used to being monitored, scanned, poked and prodded every week at least. Especially now that we're getting further along, I can't help but have premature labor worries. I want to know how my cervix is doing and I hope the doc gives me regular fetal fibronectin (fFN) tests.

The other day we did make a trip to labor & delivery at the hospital (it was midnight). I was having some cramping for about 2 hours and when I called the doc on call, she said to wait another half hour and if no change, that I ought to go in. It didn't so we did. They put a monitor on me and for 2 hours detected NO contractions. But I was still having the cramping and ... well... passing lots of gas. So I guess we kinda know what that was now. But the thing is, I have heard that cramping and diarreah and general upset can come along with contractions, so I wasn't really sure. I think I have had a few contractions here and there, but they are not painful and not often. However, as you can plainly see, I don't really know what to expect and am a little skittish! The OB nurse who was dealing with me said I definitely did the right thing by coming in and that I should do so again if I ever had doubts.

Planning for the babies is coming along pretty well... getting things done and feeling a bit more relaxed about it all and less stressed in general (though there are days where I wouldn't say that :). It feels really good to be feeling more confident and happier about the way the future looks. It was rough being depressed through IVF and the beginning of this pregnancy. You BET I have done my research on post-partum depression and know where to go and to do it fast if I find myself in that place. Hoping for the best, but it is still a fear of mine. I sometimes talk about it with my therapist - which helps a lot and makes me feel less fearful and quite supported.

I am still swimming regularly and really love it - it feels great! I wish I had a pool in my backyard so I could swim all day long. Maybe I'll give birth to a couple of trouts. That would be weird.