Friday, April 27, 2007

31w1d Belly Full O' Babies

Well, I am not going home from the hospital. But...

Had an ultrasound today and both babies are looking happy in their movements, organ functions and heartbeats. They have both grown by an amount during the last 10 days that is within range and to be expected at this gestational age. I think they both gained about 200 grams in 10 days.

Baby A's fluid is still low, and still low enough to keep me here in hospital (probably until the end, barring miracles) but the measurement that the doc got today was a LITTLE bit better than the measurement last Saturday. At first she got an index of 5 but then the baby moved and shifted and she found another pocket and it looked more like 7. She told me that it may not be that the baby's fluid has actually improved, it may just be how she was able to capture the fluid on the ultrasound, but that it was a good thing. Definitely not worse!

My cervix is still completely closed and long, and contractions are carefully monitored and under control with turb as needed. Both babies are now head down, which explains what was happening the other night when it felt like Ultimate Fighting Championship in there. Also explains all the kicking in the ribs on both sides!

So - things continue to look good and I continue to feel optimistic. My next scan will hopefully be mid-week.

Until then, more bed-resting and gestating! I am very lucky to have things going along so well. Being in hospital is a pain in the ass but I am surrounded by plenty of women who are not having such a lucky time of it. So Grateful is the word of the day. May it continue.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

30w3d In the Slammer!

Sorry for lack of updates! I am now in the hospital, but not to panic, here's the deal...

At my reg. scheduled checkup on Wed. they found that Baby A's amniotic fluid is low. So that baby needs to be carefully monitored and here I am! Both babies are looking good and healthy. Baby A shows no distress or discomfort with her amniotic fluid situation. Hopefully things will carry on just like this and both babies will continue to grow like crazy in the next few weeks. Today is 30w3d. The perinatologist will come approximately every 3 days or so to scan me. So long as both babies are happy and growing, they stay in.

I am still having contractions regularly but they have not changed in strength - i feel some of them (not all) and they are never painful. Yesterday my cervix measured at 4.2cm! (closed, thick, no beaking) and another negative fFN on Wed. So preterm labor does not appear to be a concern at this point. Taking some turbuteline pills which make the contractions nearly go away entirely.

How long will I be in here? I have heard estimates everywhere from "a few days if that baby's fluid improves" to "until they are born". oh! In the hands of good docs, good nurses, and most importantly and always, the universe. it is actually very nice here in a very nice room. Of course walking on the beach would be nicer, but..

I think everything's gonna be fine. Good news is that babies are both growing really well. 4 days ago the boy was estimated at 4lb2oz and girl at 3lb11oz. All their functions and heartbeats are good. :) They administered steroid shots just in case.

isn't it cool that there is wireless internet in the hospital?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

28w Contraction Junction - What's Your Function?

Went to the doc for a checkup today. I was scheduled for tomorrow, but I moved it on up after getting frustrated with the number of contractions I've been having. I'm happy to report that cervix is still long-ish (3.8cm) and completely closed and my latest fetal fibronectin (fFN) test came back negative. So basically, everything's ok and we jsut carry on self-monitoring and taking it easy.

I've been experiencing contractions since about 25 weeks or so, but they've become more frequent. Sometimes, I can go for hours without noticing any (especially if I'm out and about). But sometimes - and especially in the evenings - I can have 4-5 in an hour or have, say, 3 per hour for 3 or 4 hours. It's not painful (I would say one of every 10 contractions I would categorize as "rather uncomfortable" the others just being noticeable not painful) but the mental aspect of it is unsettling. I lie there wondering how soon the next one is going to come and if I'm going to go into pre-term labor which doesn't help the issue.

I wonder if they would soon put me on tocolytic meds? There has been no talk of it thus far. Maybe they only do that if pre-term labor is imminent.

I can even tell that a contraction is coming because I get this weird compression feeling in my esophagus (or diaphragm?) and even sometimes some pressure feeling in my head for about 20 seconds before the belly tightens. Does anyone out there know what I'm talking about - experience anything similar?

The babelets are measuring just fine - they are estimated to be about 2lbs 8 oz now and one is only a little bit bigger than the other. Their fluids, heartbeats, other measurements and movements are all good. Now if their mom could just stop worrying and Her Highness the Uterus would kindly cease contracting! (or just do it a lot less -that would be good.)

Okay, so... now would be the time to chime in and tell me how you had contractions all through your third trimester and still went full term with your healthy baby or babies. Please no scare stories - can't take it right now.