Monday, July 24, 2006

Let it ride on Righty!

Don't you know it. AF came 3 days ago (in the end it was a 32 day cycle) and so I went in to my RE today. I have a nice 15mm cyst on the right. I wish a person could bet on ovarian cyst development like you can bet on race horses...

"I'll take a daily double on Lefty and let it ride on Righty for the win!"

Imagine the glory and riches! People would come from far and wide to watch me grow a cyst and then predict its exact measurement just before a wanding!

Ok, so I am not even let down about it this time. I am so used to delays. 'Scuse my French, but fuck if I'm going to let this make me feel bad. Here's the plan: going on Yasmin BCP for 10 days, trying to quiet down this cyst. If it works, we go immediately into FET #1 at that time. If the cyst is still there, it's Lupron time.

Note: I have tried Trivora (Triphasil) BCP twice, and it does NOTHING to supress cysts. But that one is a tri-phasic low dose pill and I remember reading somewhere that this type of pill is basically useless for this particular purpose. I wish I could find the study again. I saw my RE consulting with another doc this time (a gyno) and maybe that's why we're going with the Yasmin.

Yasmin is mono-phasic and each pill contains 3mg drospirenone (a progestin) and .03mg ethinyl estradiol (an estrogen). My only hope is that it does not cause any depression in me. Which happened a while ago on Mircette.

BTW, what does a FET cycle with Lupron look like? Can anyone give me a basic idea?

Hang with me, girls. I was hoping to begin the FET cycle officially today, but nope, not yet. In the meantime, I am reading you!

Friday, July 21, 2006

How Long Did it Take You?

Hey gals, I have a question...

How long did it take you to get your period the cycle AFTER IVF? That is to say, assuming you did not get pregnant. I am talking not about the period that you get to END the IVF cycle, but the one following.

I have had a very strange cycle. I think it's anovulatory (no ovulation) because I've had no signs of ovulation, and I usualy have plenty of signs in mid-cycle (abundant CM, temp rise, LH surge, you know the drill). And I don't feel the usual signs of impending period. BBs have remained small like at beginning of cycle, no cramps, no bloat. I am now CD30 (2 days late) and seem to be stuck in limbo. And no, I am not pregnant.

Thoughts? Experiences?

(warning, gonna speak frankly here...) Ok, so now it's CD32 and I have just experienced 2 days of MAJOR abundant CM. I'm talking globs. Had a little bit of bleeding this morning but not enough to appear on a pad, and now it's totally stopped. I tested LH yesterday (dark but not positive) and today (lighter), so if there was a surge I might have missed it. Yesterday saliva was very clearly ferning (meaning high estrogen), not ferning today. Call me crazy, but did I just ovulate on CD32? Have not been temping, so no info there.

I have read that a little bleeding during ovulation is not abnormal after long follicular phases. Again - anyone? Most certainly this is the first time this has ever happened to me.

(note to Bea, who commented earlier: if I'm right and this luteal phase is normal, I will also have a 46 day cycle on this first "unmanipulated" cycle after IVF! Or maybe my period is on its way and will be here in a day or two. We'll see.)