Thursday, June 14, 2007

So Incredibly Lucky

Can't write now, too busy tandem breast-feeding :)

Just wanted all of you lovely blog friends to know that we delivered by C-section two incredible babies. Forgive me for keeping their names and likenesses off the internet, but know that:

Baby A (girl) was born 6lbs 11oz and has loads of black hair...

Baby B (boy) was born 6lbs 6 oz and looks just like his (handsome) daddy.

We are incredibly grateful to the universe, to the way things sometimes go when they are very very good. We don't take these miracles for granted for one second, and wish every one of you even half as much love and life that we're experiencing right now.

More soon... when I've had a bit more sleep.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

37 weeks: Rolling... and... Action!

We're in the final countdown now. Today we've begun the process of induction! Cervadil was inserted about an hour ago, which I am told might start labor, then petocin if needed. Gulp! Maybe a vaginal birth will result, but if it doesn't go super smoothly, we'll move to C-section. I've got a heplock in and both babies on the monitor. Today, after 51 days in the hospital, I am now considered a real, true Labor & Delivery patient, and not an antepartum patient. (Cue graduation march music...)

The interesting thing is that I feel my body could go on carrying these babies for another couple weeks. My cervix is still closed & long and I'm not all that effaced. I have lots of contractions, but I've been doing that for months to no effect. But my perinatologist feels that now that we're term at 37 weeks, and the babies are matrure and fairly big, that it would not be smart to wait for a baby to become "sick" and then rush to get 'em out. Especially with the low fluid situation. Seems prudent to me.

So friends, fellow IVF'ers and reproductive adventurers, twin moms & dads and blog buddies... I'll see you on the flipside. Please send us good vibes, metta, prayers, your thoughts, all that good stuff today/tonight. I really am so ready now, after all we've been through. We've been incredibly lucky and loved through all of this, and Hubs and I don't know how to thank you enough. I look forward to introducing our daughter and son to you and telling you the story of their arrival.