Monday, August 25, 2008

Nearly 15 Months Old

Well hola everyone! Been too long. Just wanted to shout out to anyone visiting and say that I still read lots of the blogs that are still standing on my roll over there to the left. And some others, too. I still check in to cyclesista to see what's happening. Once a sista always a sista.

Everything good here. Boy and Girl are nearly 15 months old and really fun. They're popping molars, Girl is walking and Boy is taking a few steps, too. They hug and kiss each other and us. Boy throws and ball and chases it and loves books and music. Girl is extremely social and is a real ham who loves to imitate - she's got at least 10 words now. They amaze me daily. Hubs and I are starting to actually like each other again, after a friggin' HARD year with twin infants

I got my period after stopping breastfeeding. Holy crap, was it heavy. I mean HEAVY. Anyone else experience this? And it is taking a long time for my boobs to feel normal after stopping the breastfeeding - ouch. Advice?

Ok, that's it for now, got to get some stuff done around here. Drop a line if you're still reading!