Monday, August 25, 2008

Nearly 15 Months Old

Well hola everyone! Been too long. Just wanted to shout out to anyone visiting and say that I still read lots of the blogs that are still standing on my roll over there to the left. And some others, too. I still check in to cyclesista to see what's happening. Once a sista always a sista.

Everything good here. Boy and Girl are nearly 15 months old and really fun. They're popping molars, Girl is walking and Boy is taking a few steps, too. They hug and kiss each other and us. Boy throws and ball and chases it and loves books and music. Girl is extremely social and is a real ham who loves to imitate - she's got at least 10 words now. They amaze me daily. Hubs and I are starting to actually like each other again, after a friggin' HARD year with twin infants

I got my period after stopping breastfeeding. Holy crap, was it heavy. I mean HEAVY. Anyone else experience this? And it is taking a long time for my boobs to feel normal after stopping the breastfeeding - ouch. Advice?

Ok, that's it for now, got to get some stuff done around here. Drop a line if you're still reading!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One Screams = The Other Cries

Anyone ever run into this interesting dynamic? (I'm sure it's a temporary thing, but want to handle it right...)

My kidlets are 9 months old. My little girl has started doing this thing where she shrieks really loudly and it's gotten a lot of reaction - at first we thought it was cute so we would "act scared" or shriek back to her as a game. The problem is, when she does it to her brother, it truly startles him and he bursts into tears. She, apparently, enjoys this reaction (I don't think she's enjoying that he's crying per se, just that she gets a fun, predictable, reaction every time).

I know this is partially our fault for reinforcing the behavior. My question is, where do we go from here - how do I handle it with the two of them? I don't want to start a chain reaction where she shrieks, he cries, i pick him up... etc. so I am trying to distract him when she scares him or trying to remove her and get her started doing something else.... anyone ever have anything similar?

Sometimes he is so scared with the anticipation that she's going to shriek that he fearfully turns away from her and sits with his back to her.

Any ideas appreciated!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

9 MONTHS old! Hello Everybody!

Hmm - gimme a shout-out in the comments if I still have any readers after this 6-month unintentional hiatus.

What's my excuse? Nothing you haven't already thought of. Twin babies is a busy life and pretty much everything else has taken a back seat for me. However, even this isn't really a great excuse, because I'm a loyal reader of bloggers like Jennifer and she manages to post meaningful, often downright hilarious posts a few times a week, and she's got twins, too. Damn cute ones. I am not gutsy enough to post my kidlets' photos online... boring, eh?

Anyway I thought it would be at least a numerically tidy effort if I posted today... since last time I posted was when the kidlets were 9 WEEKS old.

The babies are doing great. Girl has 5 teeth with 1 more ready to emerge for symmetry, and Boy has 4 teeth with 2 more just popping out. They both started sitting around 7 months and neither are crawling as of yet but are getting close. They roll and squirm and scoot and swim and do this weird face-plant thing with their toes and foreheads down on the ground and the rest up in the air in an inverted "V"... kinda like a messed up downward dog. They eat all sorts of fun solid food now, and we're still breastfeeding 5 x day. I can't believe we lasted this long, but now that we have, I am so happy about it. I think it's been a great experience for all involved.

Their personalities are un-earthing themselves more and more each day, and it is fascinating. Girl points to kitty cats in books and in real life, boy listened intently and danced to music for the first time today -some classical on the radio. Maybe we'll have a cello player? Their relationship with each other is really blooming, and I have to say, this is probably the most enjoyable thing to witness. They sometimes just sit there and laugh at/with each other.

I think Girl is starting to talk. For reals. She's only 9 months, but I swear she has said "up" "mama" and "wawa" (water) in context - I am not sure if she's just repeating something I've just said or if she really understands that these are words for things but it's pretty interesting! Boy is making plenty of good phonemes, but I'm not sure they're attached to anything yet. He is currently obsessed with his tongue - feeling it and making 'la la la' sounds. They have both signed for "milk" and have waved hello. They understand quite a lot. When I say "wanna go outside?" they both look right at the door, etc.

I wonder how you are doing... if you are reading? I'll be back soon and am lurking in the meantime.