Sunday, April 22, 2007

30w3d In the Slammer!

Sorry for lack of updates! I am now in the hospital, but not to panic, here's the deal...

At my reg. scheduled checkup on Wed. they found that Baby A's amniotic fluid is low. So that baby needs to be carefully monitored and here I am! Both babies are looking good and healthy. Baby A shows no distress or discomfort with her amniotic fluid situation. Hopefully things will carry on just like this and both babies will continue to grow like crazy in the next few weeks. Today is 30w3d. The perinatologist will come approximately every 3 days or so to scan me. So long as both babies are happy and growing, they stay in.

I am still having contractions regularly but they have not changed in strength - i feel some of them (not all) and they are never painful. Yesterday my cervix measured at 4.2cm! (closed, thick, no beaking) and another negative fFN on Wed. So preterm labor does not appear to be a concern at this point. Taking some turbuteline pills which make the contractions nearly go away entirely.

How long will I be in here? I have heard estimates everywhere from "a few days if that baby's fluid improves" to "until they are born". oh! In the hands of good docs, good nurses, and most importantly and always, the universe. it is actually very nice here in a very nice room. Of course walking on the beach would be nicer, but..

I think everything's gonna be fine. Good news is that babies are both growing really well. 4 days ago the boy was estimated at 4lb2oz and girl at 3lb11oz. All their functions and heartbeats are good. :) They administered steroid shots just in case.

isn't it cool that there is wireless internet in the hospital?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update! I am 23 weeks pregnant with twin boys (6 day frozen blasts transfer:) I just found your site a month ago and feel like you are in class ahead of me- and I soooo apreciate your sharing and insights! You and the littles are in my prayers today-always. This is an amazing work that you are about. Blessings. rb

millie said...

Yay for wireless internet at the hospital. Sounds like you're getting really good care and both babies are doing well. Hold onto them as long as you can. Thinking of you.

Lut C. said...

It must have been upsetting news, though I'm glad to hear you seem to be coping with it well. As long as the babies are doing well in there, they're in the best possible place.

Eva said...

Thanks so much for the update. I'm glad to hear you 3 are all doing well. I'm also happy to see you're handling things well as well as one can. And thank goodness for wireless internet (our local hospital has it, but the hospital I was transfered to twice, and ultimately gave birth at, doesn't, and when my husband asked about it, the nurse actually said, "yeah, you'd think they'd get that, what with the internet becoming really popular now.").

I did the turb and the steroid shots and the fFN's and the frequent cervical checks I'm sure you're getting etc. It's strange to have birth so medicalized but I was glad for the care.

I hope you can be as comfortable as possible, lots of extra pillows from home etc. I hope you can take the time for reading -- fiction, and parenting books, I wish I had time to read parenting books and not just pregnancy books before they came -- and buying things on line and catching up with friends and all the things you won't be able to do in a couple of months. But I also know it can make you a little crazy, so I hope you can stay somewhat sane and have lots of love and support around.

I'll shut up now.

Bea said...

Well I know how boring long stays in hospital can be. You'll just have to work on your IIFF entry, is all. (You've got til July 28th, but you might want to be finished before that.)


Jennifer said... that's an update! Sorry you are temporarily confined to the hosptal...that must suck. But I am glad to hear the babies are doing well! Thank goodness that they are able to stop anything bad from happening! And even if they were born right now, they would be fine!

My cervix is also still around 4, like yours, which, apparently, is quite good for twins. I'm 32 weeks today and wonder how much longer I will go. I get so nervous before each u/s. Both of my babies were measuring 3 lb 10 and 3 lb 11 at the last u/s. They must be 4.5 by now!!

Please keep us updated! Other people pregnant with twins need to know al the details!

Hopeful Mother said...

Wishing you all the best in these exciting few weeks!!!

And, yes, those of us (newly) pregnant with twins really appreciate all of your information!

Jennifer said...

How 'bout an update? Are you doing ok??