Wednesday, May 16, 2007

34weeks A Whale of a UtRus

Guys, I am huge. Official weight yesterday morning was 164.1 lbs. (remember, I'm only 5'3" and started at 116) No wonder I feel like my legs are gonna snap in half whenever I get up from this hospital bed to pee.

Yesterday was another scan by the perinatologist. She was VERY happy with what she saw. I know this sounds a bit repetitive (thankfully) but baby A's fluid is still low, but that baby still does not seem to be phased. Her fluid measured at an index of 7, deepest vertical pocket of 4.25. Baby B's fluid remains normal.

baby A (girl) is estimated to weigh 5lbs 3 oz
baby B (boy) is estimated to weigh 5lbs 9 oz

( these weights are +- 10%, and many of you have warned me not even to expect that)

The peri did not do an ultrasound of my cervix because she said she really doesn't care much at this point what it's doing - basically said she'd like to see me go longer (and thinks I will), but that from here on, whatever happens happens. My management remains the same - turb when needed, bedrest and much monitoring.

I am continuing on as usual and hoping for big babies with mature lung function after 36 weeks!

Contractions are happening at shorter intervals and are a bit stronger. But everyone seems to be of the opinion that this is no surprise. UtRus is so stretched as to think I am at term. I've been really lucky in that I've not had a lot of swelling, but my hands do feel "tight" and are a bit puffy. Mentally, these next weeks will take patience. I am so eager to get more days/weeks under my belt (so to speak. Do they even make belts this big?)


Eva said...

Congrats for making it this far. You're in the home stretch! Those babies sound happy & healthy. I can see a couple of weeks from now, you begging for them to come on out already. =)

Sending good thoughts your way.

K J and the kids said...

What no pictures ?
Will they send you home from the hospital now ?

Lut C. said...

You'll have to buy two identical belts and use them together. :-)
But just a while longer.

Good to hear the report was good.

x said...

It sounds like you are being as patient as can be. I hope that the good news continues.

Bea said...

It must feel good to be up to "whatever happens, happens".


Thalia said...

Your situation reminds me of a novel - love in a cold climate by nancy mitford. Have you read it? there's a sequence in there where the characters are holed up for months in an english country house during the war (with no heating) and they have an exchange something like this:
what time is it?
half past two
Oh, better than that!
quarter past four!!
NO, not as good as that.
Half past three?

That's how I imagine you in your hospital bed, watching daytime television (which of course they didn't have!)

Hang in there.

singletracey said...

You are doing so good.. those babies are doing great!! I tell you I cant wait till you have those big healthy babies and post us some pix!!

Take Care!!!

charlie's mom said...

Here's to 34 weeks and going to 36!

I am your size and got up to 175 lbs. It was pretty shocking!

The Amazing Trips said...

Oh, and then once they DO come out ... you'll probably want them back in again. At least I did - life was much quieter when they were on the inside!!

When I was expecting our triplets, I packed on 100 pounds in 31 weeks. I'm expecting a singleton, currently, and have put on over 50 pounds in (almost) 34 weeks. The good news is - the weight WILL come off once the babies are born. I was shocked that within a few months of our triplets arrival >> I was back to my "fighting weight".

Hang in there, you're doing great!

Drew said...

Hello there - your twins are a good size for 34weeks! Good luck with everything and I will keep lurking around to read your good news!

Jennifer said...

Update!!! How big are the babies now? Your twins sound like mine: at 34 weeks mine were 5 lb 2 oz and 6 lb 7 oz. Last weigh in they were 6 lb 7 oz and 7 lb 4 oz. You are so close to 36 weeks!!! The magic number. What happnes next? Is your doctor talking C section? Or letting you go on your own?

I hope you are maintaining sanity on bedrest. I was in the hospital for such a short time, in comparison, and it was hard. You are hard-core!

Update soon please!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, hang in there. Bedrest is terrible, but will be worth it in the end. You will be just fine with two. Honestly, it isn't as chaotic as I thought that it'd be. Definitely takes more organization than with one, but it is amazing when they start to interact with each other. Good luck and I'll try to check back soon.