Wednesday, May 30, 2007

36weeks: All Aboard the Gravy Train

I have been holding this day in my head as a goal for a long time. I am so pleased to report that we've arrived at 36 weeks gestation for these two little buddhas. I am very, very happy.

Just finished being scanned by the perinatologist (who is a gem, by the way, and not only because she gives me good news). She declared me officially no longer high risk. :) Unfortunately this does not mean that I'm sprung from the slammer (hospital day 44 today!) but it does feel nice all the same.

And anyhow, no point in wishing to be outa here at this point, because things are gonna happen soon. The scenario is thought to be this: we allow nature to do its thing this week as we head towards 37 weeks. If I go into labor naturally, then fine. If nothing happens, then at 37 weeks these babes are fully baked and we'll induce. The doc said it won't take much - just a "whiff" of petocin - as she put it, for someone in my stage.

I am going to give a vaginal birth a go. All my docs agree that things are aligned to make this a reasonable and optimistic scenario for me. I'll be carefully monitored the whole time and will deliver (regardless) in the OR, so if any baby seems to not be liking the labor process, we switch to section. I've got no problem with that.

One additional good thing we learned today is that the babies have closed in on each other weight-wise. This is good, and here's why: Baby A will come out first. She will stretch me out as much as she needs to. Baby B will follow, and he is not any bigger than she is (he used to be!) so ther will not have to be a lot of labor in-between, which can sometimes result in the second baby becoming stressed and need to be delivered via section.

baby A (girl) is estimated to weigh 6lbs 4 oz
baby B (boy) is estimated to weigh 6lbs 3 oz

Of course the weights have a margin of error, but I am told by the nurses that this peri is "famous" for being quite accurate. And anyway, what matters is that they're still growing and the bonus is that baby A has caught up nicely.

So, will my next post be a celebration of week 37 or a birth story? Stay tuned!

(Can you believe it?!)


beagle said...

Way to go! Can't wait to meet them!

anna said...

Oh my gosh...I can't believe you've been in the hospital that long. You have the patience of a saint! I'm thinkin of you as you approach 37 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for week 36!! It sounds like you have some very healthy sized babies in there! Good luck - can't wait to hear the news.

K J and the kids said...

Thanks for the update.
Way to go hitting 36 weeks.

Eva said...

oh my goodness I am so excited for you. how wonderful that you have made it this far. you are doing an amazing job of handling hospital bed rest. I hope the next few days are as easy as possible, and that you meet two very healthy babes very soon!

OHN said...

wow---thats a lot of baby ;)I bet you are so excited to meet them (and be able to see your toes again--lol)

songbird36 said...

Wow..that is awesome! Best wishes for an easy breezy delivery!

Lut C. said...

That is excellent news!

Good to hear you have a birth plan in place that you're comfortable with. I hope all goes smoothly.

Almost there!

Hopeful Mother said...

Wonderful news indeed! Can't wait to read your next post about your delivery and your new children!

Chastity said...

It is so great to hear of a successful FET! I'm heading towards my first one very soon...and I'm so nervous! Good luck with your're going to have so much fun!!!

Kirsten said...

Wow! Those are excellent weights; congrats!!! This next week is going to be so exciting for you :)
Wishing you all the best!!!

charlie's mom said...

Are you off having those babies now?