Sunday, July 08, 2007

One Month Old

SO sorry for longtime between posts, but... heck, you can imagine why!

Things are going really very well with our baby boy and baby girl. They are both lovely and cute and very different in personality and looks. I wish I felt comfortable publishing photos on the internet here, but I just don't. Seems like a breech of their privacy. So believe me when I say, they are cute :)

Breast feeding is still going really well. Tandem about 98% of the time. It's the only way to have some breathing space in-between! But I'd love some advice from you other twin parents... I sometimes feel so bad waking up the baby who is still asleep in order to get them going at the same time - is this in any way bad for the babies? I feel like I'm force-feeding the one who wasn't ready yet and/or disrupting his or her sleep cycle. I mean, neither baby seems to mind being offered the boob at any time (they basically love it)... advice?

We've introduced a bottle once per night, which gives me a 4-5 hour chunk of sleep. It makes a big difference. That and the fact that my husband is awesome - VP of Sanitation Services (ie: diaper man) and he is a very good baby-comforter. My mom is also helping during the day. One thing is for sure - twins require more than one adult. It's just too much for one person.

The babies are starting to really see us. It's fun! No smiles yet, of course, except for those gassy sleep smiles, but they are a window into what will come. Pediatrician tomorrow to see how they're doing at 1 month mark. They are getting fat, I can tell you that!


Eva said...

So good to read updates from you. One month already, wow! Good for you for doing tandem so much of the time. It took me a few months to really get comfortable with it. It sounds like you aren't even really pumping that much, or having to do bottles around the clock, so it sounds like things are going pretty smoothly. And hurray for supportive family members.

We did used to wake up baby #2 after feeding #1. We would sometimes try to stretch #1 a bit to see if s/he could wait a few minutes to give #2 time to wake up. But I think you're right, in the beginning, it's the only way. Eventually they got on a more coordinated schedule.

Now we rarely wake #2. In the middle of the night we want them to learn to sleep longer stretches (ha!), and in the day I just feed them separately if one's asleep so they can get a better nap.

So curious what they look like, but understand your need for privacy. Can't wait to see those first smiles.

Anonymous said...

I think in the beginning, you get by however you need to. If they're not upset by being woken up, then by all means, go for it.

I won't publish pictures of the Mini either. Sure, I'm always curious of others, but being that I don't publish pics of my own, I totally get it.

Lyrehca said...

Congrats--sounds like things are going well. I hear you on no onlime pix--Baby L is scrumptious, but I'm not posting him online ever.

EAB said...

You are absolutely doing the right thing by waking #2 to keep them more or less in sync. Eating more frequently won't hurt them -- if they're truly not hungry, they will pop off and stop nursing. Ditto on the waking, because they'll either nurse in their sleep, or fall back to sleep after a short nurse. It's good for your supply and for their weight, too, since ultimately they are eating as frequently or more as they might on their own.

That's how we did things until they were about two months old, and the only reason I stopped then was because I suspected they were trying to drop a feeding and sleep longer. I honestly think it's hard to stay sane if you do it any other way. If you're wondering, let them get out of sync for a day as an experiment.

I am by no means a proponent of scheduling little babies, but I think that gently guiding multiples to be somewhat in sync is beneficial for all.

And good for you on tandem nursing and continued breastfeeding! I didn't tandem-feed as much as some do, because we had latch problems, and even today I am prone to cracks and blisters. It's a huge time-saver, but if you're having any lactation problems at all, it's the first thing to go.

beagle said...

We'll just imagine them then.

Glad to hear that you're all doing so well!

soralis said...

Finally catching up... congrats, sounds like a long go in the hospital, yuck!

That is amazing how long you went. I only made it to 35 weeks with my twins and that was enough for my poor body!

I know what you mean about waking the 2nd baby up. I felt bad about it too so I decided to let the other one sleep (the first night dad went back to work, not too bright!) turns out he woke up slightly after the first one anyway. I personally think it's the only way to get any sleep.

Now that I just have one this time around I have no idea how I breastfed 2 of them! Good luck and enjoy!

Take care

millie said...

So nice to see an update from you. I'm sure they are super cute and I totally take your word for it.

tonya said...

Just catching up, and wanted to say congratulations on the healthy birth of your babies!! Huzzah about the tandem nursing. I have one to nurse, and have so much respect for you doing that.

Unknown said...

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That is awesome how lengthy you went. I only created it to 35 several weeks with my twin babies and that was enough for my inadequate body!