Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's Eggie Time!

Yes it's Easter time, and yes, I am into counting my antral follicles and such, but I am not referring to either of those. No, fair readers, this time I am referring to the pasteurized eggwhites I shot up my cooter this afternoon.

As you all know, we were postponed from IVF this cycle because of a cycst that I managed to develop even while on BCPs. Which is supposed to be nearly impossible. So, what the hell, why not try the mythical eggwhite as sperm-friendly lube and great medium for spermular travel this cycle? The Easter Bunny would be proud, no? And as we are labled with Unexplained Infertility, we deserve to do stupid things on long weekends. Sue us.

Now mind you, I normally have very nice, clear signs of ovulation each month on day 13, 14, or 15: abundant CM, LH predictor kit cooperatively giving me the only pink line I ever get to see. This month, though, having just come off BCPs and having a big ol' cyst on Leftie, things seem a bit less predicable. In fact, with no CM to speak of, I figured I wouldn't be ovulating this month at all. Ah well. We're scheduled for IVF next month anyhow, assuming cyst is gone.

My current cycle looks like this: no detectable CM and the LH seemed to rise during the past few cycle days - 12, 13 and 14 - (darkest yesterday afternoon but still not "positive") but then I detected NO LH AT ALL today which is CD 15. So I figured hey, maybe I missed detecting the actual surge sometime yesterday and today is O day. Why not give it a go. Clearly we've got nothing to lose.

So, I took a baby medicine dropper, pictured above, cleaned it thoroughly with very hot soapy water. Then, I opened a brand-new container of the organic, pasteurized egg whites* (also pictured above) and sucked some up. Then, I let it sit in the dropper for about 15 min to warm up. Then, I lay on the bed and squished it in. Ok. A bit weird, but so far so good.

Luckily, the Hubs works from home. So I intercommed into his office (in the garage) and invited him to horizontal mombo. He replied, "Um, uh... hon... you told me earlier that you thought you weren't going to ovulate this month." I was like, "Yeah, I'm probably not ovulating, but there's a small chance I might be, so why not." He was like, "Ummm... I... well, I kinda released a few hours ago." And now, friends, we all know why the Hubs likes working at home! LOL!

But he is a trooper and so said, "Hey, let's give it a go. I don't know how much I've got in there, but it only takes one, right?" You gotta love the guy. And he ain't 19, either. He's 35. So all respect going out to the Hubs and his refractory period today! Props, dude! We did the deed, slipping around in eggwhites, and I lay around basting for a while.

It won't work. It was just for experimental fun. What, you think I was born yesterday? This is an IVF blog, people. I am way over the "normal" way of procreation. I'm probably not ovulating (who knows if I ever actually release eggs, anyway), Hubs made his end of the equation practically ineffective, and I have a big cyst screwing up this cycle in any case. So whatever. But I'll test BBT the next couple mornings to see if there's a rise. if not, maybe I'll keep on with the LH testing for shits & giggles.

Balk balk baaaaaalk. Balk balk balk baaaalk! (That's me turning into a chicken and wishing you all a very happy and eggful (the kind that matters) Easter and Passover holiday.)

* As I am quite sure you've read at some point, there is risk of infection when using regular eggwhites out of an egg. Eggs often contain salmonella. However, I figured I was mitigating most of this risk by using these pasteurized (and organic, to boot) egg whites. Is there still some small risk? Maybe, but I felt comfortable with this decision:


Shauna said...

There just ain't much an IFer won't do is there? I'll let you know how my eggwhite slippin and slidin goes. :)

x said...

I think you are very smart. It was the risk of salmonella that kept us from trying the egg whites. Have fun. It's gotta be slippery, that's for sure. Hope you don't end up with scrambled eggs (sorry, it was just to easy).

S said...

Slip slidin' away.........

Sorry, had to go there. Couldn't help it.

Have a very egg-tastic holiday-I never tried the egg whites myself, but I know people who did. Even if it doesn't work, it's a pretty interesting story to tell over lunch, right?

Hopefully it ain't an egg-salad sandwich, though....heh

Anonymous said...

UtRus - Love it! But I have to say, this product looks scarier than real egg whites is it *really REALLY real*?...You Americans are wacky... :)

Family Ties said...

I swear I love you! Gotta love a girl for trying!

I am cracking up at your hubby saying her released! There is always enough :) hehehe

Thalia said...

Well, you never know.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Haha! I have never heard of the egg white trick!

Good luck!!

Kellie said...

Too funny. I give you credit for trying the egg whites... I'm too chicken to try (no pun intended). Though with pasteurized you *should* be fine.

I hope it works for you but at least you had some fun trying.

songbird36 said...

Good for you for keeping a sense of adventure through this process! And hey, you never know...Good luck with the eggwhite experiment!

soralis said...

You go girl! Hey ya never know! Wishing you luck from another Unexplained IF'er!

Take care