Monday, October 16, 2006

Thoughts While Continuing the Wait

First beta (7dp5dt, 10AM) = 185.

Holy beta level, Batman! (and... uh... Robin?) Next beta scheduled for two days later (which is now tomorrow).

I am happy to know that an embie or embies are sticking well enough to produce some hCG. This means that I am capable of getting this far. We did not know this before, so it is a step in a good direction. It means, I guess, that anything is possible.

I have had a couple "symptoms" over the last few days: stingy bbs (especially nips - also flaky skin there just a little), one day of noticable cramping (5dp5dt), and some very mild waves of nausea. When I insert the progesterone poppers the vag canal seems to go way higher, my fingers can't reach the top (sorry for TMI).

Last month, during our first unsuccessful FET, I had pretty much these exact same symptoms but I couldn't test because we were on an island without HPTs to purchase! The symptoms suddenly disappeared at 10dp5dt, and then when I got my beta at 14dp5dt it was negative. So, either: symptoms at this stage mean nada OR if something was sticking last time and ended fast, the same thing could very easily happen now. I am just grateful to know that we got this far, and in fact, this was my impetus for testing so early. Wanted to try and "catch" it if something was there. Just for informational purposes.

Here is a list of things I did differently this month than I did last time. It means absolutely NOTHING in a scientific sense, there are zero controls. I just feel like writing this stuff down for some reason.

1) Bedrest ONLY the rest of the day of my transfer. Got back to normal, light activity the next day. (Last time, I had 2 1/2 days of bedrest.)

2) Acupuncture during FET procedure but NOT in the weeks prior or following. However, have been partaking in massage. (Last time, I did acupuncture about twice per week before and after)

3) Did not take valium during the FET procedure. (Last time I did.)

4) Started drinking milk (organic) for the first time in... 10 years?

5) Made concerted effort to gain a few pounds. I chime in at around 20 in terms of BMI and I might even be a little lower than that because I am quite muscular. I have read that even if an athlete does not display amenorrhea, a BMI of less than 20 can make pregnancy a lot less likely. Mind you, I don't know if this pertains only to ovulatory issues (irrelevant during IVF) or other issues like implantation, etc.

6) Have been taking sublingual Vitamin B12 1000MCG for the past 6 weeks. I am vegetarian, and don't consume a lot of dairy/eggs. (Again, anemia/B12 issues may pertain to fertility but specifically to ovulation...) But I eat very well, and a LOT, and of course have been taking the PNV's for over a year. Duh.

7) Did not drink this "Pregnancy Tea" that a friend gave me. (Last time I drank 1 or 2 cups per day during the 2WW.)

8) I'm realizing this list is totally stupid. There are a million variables - I didn't fly on a plane this time, I ate more burritos this time, I watched more comedies this time,... FORGET THIS DUMB LIST! IF'ers behave this way, I guess. Always trying to use the magical thinking to explain things.

Updates to come. Staying optimistic and measured. No thinking ahead, just thinking about what to have for breakfast.


songbird36 said...

Congratulations, hon! Just take it one day at a time. :-)

Hopeful Mother said...

Your beta news is wonderful! I am so happy for you!

The list is funny - I am now, more than ever, convinced that these factors don't actually matter since I have seen women do everything under the sun and still not see that elusive BFP.

However, whatever you did, worked, and for that I say YAY!

Anonymous said...

That is a mighty fine beta (and quite a bit higher than mine was at the same point...)!!
There are a million variables but it's always interesting to ponder which was the magic variable.

Lut C. said...

A solid beta, that's a good sign. :-)

Jo said...

First blog I read today and look at you!

Here's to doubling betas!

xx Jo
PS.. Dang, with that number, sounds like 2 perhaps?

seattlegal said...

Sometimes we need to make these lists to help us keep our sanity while we wait for the next test or ultrasound or wyhatever.

That's a great beta - here's to another great beta tomorrow!

Thalia said...

for day 12 that's pretty darn impressive.

Last time it's unlikely that something stuck and then you got a total negative. It would have been more likely if you'd had a very low beta. So I say, this is indeed v good news.

Stephanie said...

THis is great news. I liked your list...if not scientific then very fun to read.

Anonymous said...

This is thrilling news! Keep taking it easy! I'm hoping/wishing/praying for ya!

Runergirl said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful news!