Friday, March 31, 2006

Pre-Day 20: IVF Acronyms

As y'all know, I am kinda new to the game here. When I first started researching IVF, actually, to be more precise, when I first started researching TTC issues (that's trying to conceive), I discovered and had to learn (as we all do) a whole new language of acronyms! Pretty amazing, really. Those IM'ing teenagers got nothing on us when it comes to acronyms. They become ingrained pretty quickly.

Here is a comprehensive list of fertility-related acronyms that might come in handy for anyone else out there who is kinda new to the game. Some are medical, others are just funny internet-invented acronyms.

Not everything I've heard of is on there. For example TTCers love to use TMI (too much information) when describing cervical mucous (CM) or various devices shoved up the nether region or whatever. But we all know we can never get TMI!


Family Ties said...


So helpful!


I hope you get a BFP and no AF ;) LOL

Mrs. T said...

Thanks for the link. I'm a little new to this, too and wondered about a few things.

soralis said...

Just wait till you start using those acronyms in everyday life... I have some friends that I will have to email that link to. lol!

Take care

Betty said...

Hi UtRus, I just read your comment on my old space Bettys Blues. Come and visit me at
Not too many acronyms there because I can never remember them!!

x said...

That's a great list, I saw a few that I didn't know.
I only recently figured out 4dp3dt, 4 days past 3 day transfer. I was horrified to learn this meant I wouldn't have a beta for 15 days after transfer!!!!

charlie's mom said...

It just goes to show all the crap we have to go through. I noticed it didn't include IPNV ie, 'ironic pre-natal vitamins'.